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Meet Kraken Rose

  • Sire Name: Lokabe Fred II
  • Dam Name: Wandabar Poppy
  • Date of Birth: 18/12/2020
  • Breed: Kelpie
  • Gender: Female
  • Neutered: No
  • Vaccinated: Yes
  • Microchip Number: 956000007830035
  • Tattoo Code: KC16D
  • Registration Number: WKC67842
Attentive, eager and smart. Rose came to us from the Kraken Kelpie Stud as a breeding bitch for our line. Rose has fast become a relied on member of the team at Thadelldo and with her go-getta attituded and attention to work ethics she will exceed all our expectations of being a great worker and hopefully trialer. If the calibre of the puppies she has produced thus far continues then Rose will be remembered for many years and Thadelldo bloodlines will be much better off from her input.

About Kraken Rose

Attentive, eager and smart

Not Available For Purchase
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